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Sunstone Power 12V 24AH Energy Storage Battery Direct From Factory

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· 10 years designed life: the plates are made by developed alloy which is more effectual for preventing corrosion.
· Features: AGM technology, maintenance-free, rechargeable, deep cycle etc.
· Usages: The main application of Mainline(ML) series is UPS.
· Size: 175*166*125mm
· Certificates: CE, UL, IEC, VdS, MSDS
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  • ML12-24
  • Sunstone Power
  • 85072000

Nominal  Voltage 12V  (6 cells)
Nominal  Capacity 25AH (20hr, 1.80V/cell, 25°C/77°F)
24AH (10hr, 1.80V/cell, 25°C/77°F)
22AH (5hr, 1.75V/cell, 25°C/77°F)
14AH (1hr, 1.60V/cell, 25°C/77°F)
Dimension Length                                           175 ± 2mm
Width                                            166 ± 2mm
Container Height                         125 ± 2mm
Total Height(with Terminal)       125 ± 2mm
Approx Weight Approx  7.50Kg
Terminal T1 or F3
Container Material ABS
Max. Discharge Current 260A (5S)
Internal Resistance Approx  15mΩ

deep cycle AGM gel battery backup

Application Scope

VRLA AGM battery backup 12v 24ah

SunStone Mainline (ML) series is 10 years designed life.  For this long life purpose, the plates are made by developed alloy which is more effective for preventing corrosion. The main application of this series is UPS.

Company Profile

Established in 2003, Sunstone Power has 17 years experience of in manufacturing, marketing, brand name building of lead-acid batteries/battery plates.


Our factories (both plates factory & assembling factory) locate in Kunming City, Yunnan P.R. China. Since Yunnan P.R. is one of the main lead supply areas, we have good advantages of quality control, delivery control, and cost control. So far we are the only factory that gets pollution control permission from the government in Yunnan P.R.


Besides this, we set up our German company in Frankfurt since 2017 and Indonesia company in Jakarta since the end of 2018. We have our own warehouse in both these two countries. It gives fast delivery and stock supporting to European and Southeast Asian markets.


deep cycle solar AGM battery 24ah 12v

solar agm gel battery 12v

Product Line

12v 24ah deep cycle VRLA battery


12v 24ah computer battery backup


12v deep cycle solar AGM battery

Sunstone Power has been ISO9001, ISO14001 approved and so on. In addition, many of our products have obtained CE, IEC61427, UL, VdS, RISTI ( by PT. TELKOM INDONESIA ) certificates. 


1. Don’t near the hot source and don’t under the sunshine.

2. Don’t charge in the sealed container.

3. No short circuit. It should be the additional charge if you don’t use, and a single charge per three months, to avoid irreversible sulfating. The battery should be changed when the battery jar is broken or the electrolyte omitted, to avoid acid corrosion.

4. Don’t store in the space of acid gas.

5. You should be careful and regular check when using the battery. To avoid the battery don’t work. You should change the battery if the capacity is not full or has been damaged, especially after one year using.

6. Don’t put the battery in the fire, or it will explode.

7. Please use cotton cloth to clean, if the battery is broken down and leak electrolyte. Please wash your skin when touch the electrolyte.

8. Don’t clean the battery by using the organic solution. (e.g. petrol)


 Office:Hall B, Tiley Central Plaza, Yuehai Street, Shenzhen City, China
 Factory:Erjie Industry Zone, Jinning Town, Kunming City, Yunnan P.R., China
 Tel:+86 (755)86511682
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