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SPT Series 12V7AH Sealed Maintenance Free VRLA/SLA AGM Battery for UPS

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1. Front access GEL Deep cycle battery
2.Payment Methods TT.LC.
3.Pass CE UL ISO certificate
4.Delivery time 20-35days
5.Capacity: 12V7AH
6.Size: 151*65*100
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  • SPT series
  • Sunstone Power
  • 85072000

SUNSTONE POWER SPT Series Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid battery VRLA Battery UPS Battery AGM Batteries







 Sunstone SPT series battery is the most common and the fist generation delicate products which is designed with AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, high performance and electrolyte. The definition of SPT series is coming from General purpose.

Feature in details

Sealed Construction and leakproof

  Spirit (SPT) series of SunStone batteries have special sealed and valve regulated construction. All the acid inside the battery is suspended in a formulated non-woven glass mat separator and it is absorbed in the manner. This construction ensure leakproof during normal operation.

Maintenance Free

  For SunStone batteries, there is no need to check or add water or any other specific gravity during the whole service life of the batteries.

Electrolyte Suspension Design

  SunStone batteries utilize an electrolyte suspension system consisting of a high porosity, glass fiber material which is conjunction with plate, totally absorb and contain the electrolyte. No silica gels or any other contaminants are used.

Gas Generation

  In the normal charge/discharge usage the gasses generated and recombined during the normal operation. More than 99% of the gases generated are efficiently recombined.

Safety and Automatic Valve System

  If the pressure is over 2-5 psi the safety valve will automatically open and reseal. This promise that there is no any excessive accumulation if gas in the battery.

Heavy Duty Grids

  The grids are made by heavy duty lead calcium tin alloy. This provides: Safety margin of performance condition, Excellent recovery capacity from deep discharge, Extra service life in either cycle or float application, Low self-discharge when it is not in working.

Cycle Service life of Battery

  Spirit (SPT) series of SunStone batteries is designed for more than 1200 times of charge/discharge cycle. The actual times will depend on the Depth of Discharge(D.O.D).

Float Service life of battery

  Spirit (SPT) series of SunStone batteries is designed for float life of 5 years at 20°C(68°F).

Operation in any position

  Because SunStone batteries are sealed and all the acid is absorbed in the special separators, these batteries can be operated in both vertical and horizontal position.

Wide Operation Temperature Range

  SunStone batteries can be used in wide temperature range from -35°C to 45°C.

Available in flame retardant ABS material for the battery case V0

  SunStone batteries cases can be make by flame retardant material V0. It depends on the requirement of customer.


◇ Power plant & Hydropower station

◇ Photovoltaic & Solar system

◇ Emergency power system

◇ Telecommunication

◇ Electric utility











Q: May I choose my own logo?

A: Absolutely, OEM is available. It is totally free service.


Q: What about delivery time?

A: In common, 30 days upon the receipt of 30% deposit. But if you are in urgent need, we can speed up the production for you.


Q: What is your warranty policy?

A: 3 years' free-replacement.



1) Because we've specialized in battery business since 2003, so you do not need to worry any problem before and after sales.

2) Experienced engineers team: if you can show me more about your requirement, we would possibly recommend an efficient solution for your consideration.


3) Competitive price with low MOQ requirement.

4) We own 2 factories, one is specially for battery plate and the other one for assembling. That means we are real manufacturer who can keep better battery quality, delivery and cost control.






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