Lithium battery- LiFeO4 48V100AH battery
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Lithium battery- LiFeO4 48V100AH battery

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SLPO48-100 is 48VLiFePO (lithium iron phosphate) battery pack for communications standby aplication, the battery pack adopt the advanced LiFePO battery technology with the advantages of long cycle life, small size, light weight, safety and environmental protection, and also has a strong environmental adapt ability, it is idea for harsh outdoor environments.
The battery pack integrates a smart battery management and monitoring module, support for remote centralized monitoring and remote battery management andmaintanance , to meet the requirements of unattended.Therefore,the SLPO48-100 can fully meet the backuppower supply
requirements of the access network equipment,mobilecommunications equipment, transmission equipment,microbase stations and microwave communication equipment.

  • SLPO48-100(LiFeO4 48V100AH Battery)
  • SunstonePower
  • 85076000

Key Features

※ Super long cycle life

Over 2000 cycle @ 90%DOD @ 40°C

Can be circularly used, 8 times ofLead acid battery

※ Communication port

RS232 & RS485 standard communication interface Meet requirement of several

packaes to connect in parallel

※ Fast charge capability

Very fast charging capability up to 1C

※ Low self discharge

<1% per month @ 20°C

※ Green environmental material

Eco-friendly and nonpolluting , no acids or no hazardous and noxious substances (including lead,cadmium,mercury)

※ Intelligent Integrated Battery Manage System(BMS)

Built-in automatically protecting internal cells from

over-charge,over-discharge, over temperature ,

short-circuit ect.Ensure battery safety and reliability.

Equalization and balance each cell.Prolong battery life.

SOC-DoD-SOH reporting / setting device events,battery

parameters and storage,intelligent monitors,remot measure,

remote communication,remote control

※ Completely maintenance free

Completely Maintenance free throughout life time saves

OPEX for the users

※ LED status and alarm indication

※ High safety & stable performance

No explosion and non flammable under collision.

no risk of leakage.

Application Scope

※ Telecommunication base station

※ Transmission and distribution backup

※ Wind Generator and Solar Power Energy Storage

※ UPS and Backup System

※ Electric Vehicles

※ Military Power

※ Marine,Fishing etc

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