For more than 20 years, SUNSTONE POWER produces sealed lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, which have become well-known and popular among end-users. Everything we produce is the result of our long experience, strong production discipline, and abilities to rapidly deploy up-to-date innovative solutions because we believe this must be the only way to create the best products.

According to our corporate philosophy, any product from us for your system is what you can make certain of, because any of our product you buy is easy to install, meet all the to-day safety requirements, and is targeted to be in use for many years, is the result of hard and honest work.
Competitive Advantages
A. As a forward-looking German company, we adopt German standard quality control.
B. With groups of professional engineers and salesmen.
C. High Quality with competitive price. We have our own plates factory where we can produce battery plates and also alloy. It gives us advantages in battery quality & cost control.
D. Our brand has gained a market and good reputation which is easier for you to explore.
E. Good and comprehensive service.
F. No MOQ for new clients so that you can test our quality before bulk order with less cost.
G. Different models have different warranty periods. During this period, you will enjoy free replacement if there is any problem.


  • New Arrival of A 48V LiFePO4 Battery Bank

    Coming in a new packing, SLPO48-100 applies well to harsh outdoor conditions. It adopts the advanced LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery technology, which has advantages of long cycle life, small size, lightweight, security, good environmental protection, and strong environmental adaptability. Read More

  • A Hybrid Backup System for Telecom Project

    With 4 battery cabinets, 8 solar panels, a wind generator, and a diesel generator, we have tested against a solar power hybrid backup system, which simulates a telecom base station. Read More

  • Mainline series: Normal Select

    Produced with AGM and gel technology separately, the Mainline series and Mainline Gel series are our mainstream products which have the benefits of long life, deep cycle, maintenance-free, etc. Read More