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  • [Projects] Sunstone MLG series

    SunStone Power Industry Co., Ltd is ranked as one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of UPS and Valve Lead-Acid Battery in China after more than 12 years hard working. With its production facility of 70,000 square meters and 500 employees "SunStone" is the most competitive brand from China t

  • [Projects] Use special technology

    Equip with modem facilities and knowledge, SunStone's staff offers products with the highest world-class quality including reliable industrial batteries, uninterruptible power supplies, industrial transformers & inverters. In addition, our teams of experienced professional engineers are technically

  • [Projects] Hours charge discharge

    -For batteries, SunStone manufactures lead alloy and electrode plate. The advantageous location of the factory guarantees the stable & reliable lead supply.-For UPS, SunStone manufactures batteries, transformers, PCB and also UPS cases;Almost all the things are made in house. Because of this, SunSto

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 Factory:Erjie Industry Zone.Jinning Town.Kunming City.Yunnan P.R.,China
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